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My Story

Share the Love. Inspire Others. Live the Dream.

A Magical Life

Mom called me weird from the very beginning as I was interested in dead people and cemetery's.

The weirdness didn't stop there and only grew as I aged. In fact, I have a long and complicated resume but approximately 20 years ago, I was introduced to Reiki and healing energies and my life shifted in a way I wasn't expecting. When I look back I believe it was perfectly planned by something greater than me.

Although, I loved my work as a certified paralegal and spent over 13 years working in law, my "calling" to do healing work eventually won out and I left my corporate job to do psychic readings full-time. I teach taking responsibility of your life and acceptance.  

A Teaching Life

I remember sitting at my office desk reading my performance program and thinking my whole life is a class. I experienced a 'knowing" that my life would serve as a teaching tool for others. 


Check out my listing on bestpsychicdirectory for reviews and join my Facebook page for announcements, classes, free readings, client reviews, comments and questions. 

Why me?

I believe everyone deserves healing.  

Share the Love

As I am very grateful for my experiences both good and bad, I believe we do better as we learn together by sharing.

Inspire Others

I have been a teacher for over a decade. The light in a student's eyes is like seeing God born.

Live the Dream

People are very good at knowing if you are authentic or not. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram and you will see how to live the dream (and be introduced to my animals). 

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